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Age group: 4 - 12 year olds

Location: Bukit Timah Area (See FAQs)

Cost: $260

Camp duration: 9am - 12pm x 2 days


The OG (original gangster...) and most popular of our survival camps, we recommend attending this bad boy first if this is your first experience with us. The skills you learn will prove useful in our other camps.  

Over the course of 2 days, our mini troopers learn how to manage snake bites, broken bones, nosebleeds, sunburn, bee stings, and cuts and bruises, through a series of hands-on simulations.

Kids go home with a personalised first-aid kit they actually have the confidence and skills to know how to use. But more importantly an appreciation of the role that leadership and teamwork play in survival.

Wilderness Survival Camp Schedule

May  29 - 30

June  13 - 14

July  3 - 4

July  31 - August  1

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