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Age group: 4 - 12 year olds

Location: Bukit Timah Area (See FAQs)

Cost: $130

Camp duration: 9am - 12pm


Girl Squad Camp

This one’s for the girls.

Co-led by 4-time Olympian Joscelin Yeo and former national athlete, snake wrangler and disaster relief expert Zhang Tingjun, this camp pushes the limits of kids’ imaginations, aspirations, and courage.

With grassy hills and a jungle as the backdrop for the adventure, our girl squad will be put through a series of natural obstacles and unexpected surprises, as they work in teams to cross the finish line. While a trophy is at stake, this camp is really all about a supportive and encouraging environment for girls to step out of their comfort zones and to challenge themselves.

Girl Squad Camp is designed to bring strong women and little girls together, with the aim of cultivating a shared spirit of grit, resilience and confidence.

girl squad camp

New dates to be released soon!


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