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Age group: 6 - 12 year olds

Location: Meeting point - Marina South Ferry Terminal (St Johns - Kusu Islands)

Cost: $260 (includes ferry ticket)

Camp duration: 8.30am - 2.30pm


Ocean Survival Camp

After two years of wilderness survival on land, we’re taking to the high seas in this latest camp and training up a mini ocean-rescue squad!  


Over the course of one day, our little castaways will learn how to manage ocean medical emergencies like jellyfish stings, stingray/sea urchin envenomation and even how to survive a shark attack!  


To ensure that kids know how to stay safe in the water, as well as respond to a swimmer in distress, we’ll be covering water safety at camp too.


And because we love sharks and all the weird and wonderful creatures that live in the ocean, a part of our day will be spent learning to appreciate marine life and how we can do our part to protect our planet.


**Please note that while activities will be conducted on the beach, it is not compulsory for kids to know how to swim or to enter the water at this camp.  For kids who are comfortable in water and choose to enter, we will not be going deeper than knee height to ensure the safety of the group.

ocean survival camp

30 May 2024

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