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Into the Wild

A series of gritty, messy, real-life wilderness emergency simulations designed to bring out the super hero in every little adventurer.

Brought to you by the team behind The Chain Reaction Project


The Team

Experienced with kids, adventure and falling down.

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Zhang Tingjun

Ting is a U.S. licensed Wilderness EMT, the co-founder of adventure based social enterprise, The Chain Reaction Project, a certified rescue diver, 995 medic, Standard First Aid Instructor, snake handler and winner of the All Around Best Aunt In The World Award.  She is also a former national athlete who has responded to earthquakes, tsunamis and countless natural disasters in her capacity as the Head of Disaster Relief Agency, Mercy Relief. 


Joscelin Yeo

Jos is a 4 time Olympian and Singapore's Swim Queen who still holds the record for the most golds in SEA Games history.  Jos is highly respected as an expert on cultivating grit and resilience in kids, having started competing competitively at the age of 11 herself, and through her ongoing contributions in developing future national swimmers.  Jos is the proud but busy mom of 4 young kids who keep her on her toes.



Designed to train up a squad of little super heroes capable of administering aid in the event of an emergency.  

These camps were created for kids who climb and fall out of trees, ride their bikes too fast, lean too far over to see what's in the pond, have to touch everything, believe a swing is a rocket ship bound for Mars...  you know the kids we're talking about...

Expect most kids to come home more knowledgeable, dirty, (fake) bloody, and happy.​

*Camps for adults who never grew up also available.

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Adult Wilderness Survival Camp

Grown-ups, this one's for the kid in you.  Over the span of 3.5 hours, learn how to manage snake bites, broken bones, nosebleeds, sunburn, bee stings, and cuts and bruises, through a series of hands-on simulations.

Go home with a personalised first-aid kit you actually have the confidence and skills to know how to use.  But more importantly an appreciation of the role that leadership and teamwork play in survival, no matter how old you are!

Camp age group:  Adults

Disaster Survival Night Camp

In this latest series, we take kids on a one night journey through the eyes of a disaster survivor.  Designed to instill not just practical skills, but compassion and respect for survivors, participants must work together as a team to get to safety as night falls.  

Based on real ground experience and knowledge, kids will be taught how to escape an erupting volcano, what to do in an earthquake and how to stay alive in a tsunami.  Each participant will receive their very own 'Into the Wild' headlamp. 

Camp age group:  7 - 12 years

Wilderness Survival Camp

The OG (original gangster...) and most popular of our survival camps, we recommend attending this bad boy first if this is your first experience with us.  The skills you learn will prove useful in our other camps.

Over the course of 2 days, our mini troopers learn how to manage snake bites, broken bones, nosebleeds, sunburn, bee stings, and cuts and bruises, through a series of hands-on simulations.

Kids go home with a personalised first-aid kit they actually have the confidence and skills to know how to use.  But more importantly an appreciation of the role that leadership and teamwork play in survival.  

Camp age groups: 4 - 7 years and 7 - 12 years

Bite Sized Edition

In this 2 hour crash course, participants learn how to safely navigate wildlife encounters in Singapore. 

What do you do if you come face to face with a Wild boar in Yishun?  Or accidentally step on the tail of a black spitting cobra making it’s way across the PCN?  Should you chase down a monkey that’s running away with your homework? Is it safe to sneak past a family of otters blocking your path?

Aside from tips on safely co-existing with the amazing animals on our island-city, this session also includes hands-on emergency medical simulations to make sure you know what to do if something takes a bite out of you!

Session age group:  3 - 7 years old


That was the funnest day ever!

OMG... What have you taught her to pick up!  The day after the camp, she brought home a dead snake with bones and all.  Thanks Ting.

Leia Furtado, 6 years old
Shipwrecked Edition Participant

Gaby Hochbaum
Former National Netball Team Captain & Mom of 4

For the past several years, Ting has developed educational programs for our students to help increase their global and local understanding.  Highly organised and consistently professional, Ting's technique of connecting kids to one another and with the wider community is rare. Ting's strong commitment to service and her razor intelligence make her highly impactful with kids.

My 7 y/o had so much fun at camp. Which was no surprise since Ting has always been my go to guru for all things "hazardous" from concussion rehab to snake identification. She and Jos imparted practical survival skills while building awareness and resilience in a really fun and safe environment.

Sue Nesbitt
Former Dean of Student Life at Singapore American School

Tsalina Phang
National XC Mountain Bike Champion & Mom of 3

Ethan enjoyed the camp a lot and couldn't stop talking about the scenarios he encountered!  He was very proud of himself and even offered to take care of us during our hikes in the future.  Really grateful Ting and Jos took such good care of the kids.

Tan Wei Ling 
Mom of Camp Attendee