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Age group: 4 - 12 year olds

Location: Bukit Timah Area (See FAQs)

Cost: $260

Camp duration: 9am - 12pm x 2 days


It’s the luck of the draw with our 2-Day Wildcard Camp - in a world with too much structure and way too many rules…

We’re going rogue and bringing you the ultimate wilderness adventure survival camp for kids, with a catch. You have no idea what you’re signing up for, other than the promise of maybe some new friends, ninja level life-saving skills and a guaranteed wild ride.  

*To perpetuate the chaos, hone existing skills and impart new ones, this camp changes every season to cater to the little heroes who keep coming back for more.  

**No prior camp experience required.

Wildcard Survival
Camp Schedule

June  5 - 6

June  19 - 20

July  17 - 18

August  3 - 4

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