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Age group: 4 - 12 year olds

Location: Bukit Timah Area (See FAQs)

Cost: $130

Camp duration: 3 hours


Girl Squad Camp - F1 Edition

This one’s for the girls.

Featuring Singapore’s only female race car driver, Claire Jedrek, this camp pushes the limits of kids’ imaginations, aspirations, and courage. With grassy hills and a jungle as the backdrop for the adventure, our girl squad will get busy building and racing their very own cardboard race car. While a trophy is at stake, this camp is really all about a supportive and encouraging environment for girls to step out of their comfort zones and to challenge themselves.

** Girl Squad Camp - F1 Edition offers a snippet of our Girl Squad adventure series. An upcoming series designed to bring strong women and little girls together, with the aim of cultivating a shared spirit of grit, resilience and confidence. Regular programming for Girl Squad available from January 2023.



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